Your question: Who led East Germany?

Who was the leader of Eastern Germany?

Erich Ernst Paul Honecker (German: [ˈeːʁɪç ˈhɔnɛkɐ]; 25 August 1912 – 29 May 1994) was a German communist politician who led the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) from 1971 until shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall in October 1989.

Who led East Germany after ww2?

Five months after declaration of the western Federal Republic of Germany (better known as West Germany), on October 7, 1949, the DWK formed a provisional government and proclaimed establishment of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). Wilhelm Pieck, a party leader, was elected first president.

Did East Germany have a president?

The sole incumbent was Wilhelm Pieck of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED), elected on 11 October 1949 and re-elected in 1953 and in 1957. Shortly after the death of Pieck on 7 September 1960, the Constitution was amended.

Who controlled West Germany after ww2?

In 1945, the United States, Great Britain, and France had assumed the occupation of the western portion of Germany (as well as the western half of Berlin, situated in eastern Germany). The Soviet Union occupied eastern Germany, as well as the eastern half of Berlin.

Did Russia rule East Germany?

When the war in Europe ended in May 1945, however, Soviet troops were in complete control of eastern Germany and all of Berlin. … In 1989, with communist control of East Germany crumbling, the Berlin Wall was finally torn down. The following year, East and West Germany formally reunited.

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How did Germany split into East and West?

The Potsdam Agreement was made between the major winners of World War II (US, UK, and USSR) on 1 August 1945, in which Germany was separated into spheres of influence during the Cold War between the Western Bloc and Eastern Bloc. … Their German populations were expelled to the West.

Who was West Berlin controlled by?

West Berlin was formally controlled by the Western Allies and entirely surrounded by the Soviet-controlled East Berlin and East Germany.

West Berlin.

West Berlin West-Berlin Berlin-Ouest Berlin (West)
West Berlin in Red
Status Western Allies–occupied sectors of Berlin
Official languages German

When did Germany become East and West?

In 1949, Germany formally split into two independent nations: the Federal Republic of Germany (FDR or West Germany), allied to the Western democracies, and the German Democratic Republic (GDR or East Germany), allied to the Soviet Union.