You asked: Who are the most successful team in Germany?

Who is the best player in Germany football team?

Miroslav Klose is the highest goalscorer in the tournament’s history with 16 goals, while Gerd Müller is third with 14. Former team captain Franz Beckenbauer is one of only three men to win the World Cup as a player and as a manager.

Who won Champions League most?

Which teams have never won the Bundesliga?

FC Nürnberg won its last title in 1968, which is their only Bundesliga trophy. Schalke 04, Lokomotive Leipzig and Greuther Fürth are the three clubs in the list that never have won the Bundesliga.

Who is the greatest German player?

1. Franz Beckenbauer (1945 – ) With an HPI of 81.75, Franz Beckenbauer is the most famous German Soccer Player. His biography has been translated into 82 different languages on wikipedia.

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