When did made in West Germany stop?

Soviet push to Germany

When did made in West Germany end?

Its five post-war states (Länder) were reconstituted, along with the reunited Berlin, which ended its special status and formed an additional Land. They formally joined the federal republic on 3 October 1990, raising the total number of states from ten to sixteen, and ending the division of Germany.

How old is Made in Germany?

Did you know that the ‘Made in Germany’ label is over 129 years old and that, despite widespread belief, the ‘Made in Germany’ label is not a German invention. Instead, it was an idea of Great Britain.

When were marked Foreign?

McKinley Tariff Act (1): Origin of the ‘FOREIGN’ marking:

On October 1st 1890 the Congress of the United States passed the so-called ‘McKinley Tariff Act’, a law that was introduced by the 25th President, William McKinley.

How do you identify German porcelain marks?

Look at the underside of the porcelain piece in question for a mark. Some early marks were simply symbols, and did not state the name of the company or its city of origin. However, later marks generally include the company’s initials or even full name, as well as its location.

What years were items marked West Germany?

Term used from 1946 to about 1990.

  • westerngermany.
  • Westerngermanydates.
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How old are things made in West Germany?

Before WWII (1945) it was always “Made in Germany” or simply “Germany”. From 1945 to 1949, before the “Federal Republic of Germany” was established, mostly no identification was used, but occasionally, merely depending on the availability of components, also “Made in Germany” is found.

What does W Germany mean on jewelry?

Jewelry made before 1949 is marked “Germany,” but jewelry made after that time and until Germany was reunified in 1990 is marked “Western Germany.” New jewelry, made after 1990, is again marked “Germany.”