What is German street fashion?

What is Germany known for fashion?

German fashion is known for its elegant lines, unconventional young designs, and manufacturers of sports and outdoor clothing. Berlin is the center of young and creative fashion in Germany, prominently displayed at Berlin Fashion Week. Düsseldorf is an important fashion trade center with Igedo.

How important is fashion in Germany?

Germany is Europe’s biggest consumer of fashion. … Germany is also home to several important luxury brands — from Hugo Boss, to Escada, to Jil Sander — as well as the birthplace of sportswear giants Adidas and Puma. Fast-fashion behemoth H&M counts the country as its biggest market.

Is fashion big in Germany?

Germany is an attractive market for the fashion industry. Within Europe, it is the largest and one of the richest markets. Many international players have found a reliable key market in Germany.

How much do Germans spend on clothing?

Since 2009, spending on clothing has increased overall, reaching approximately 64 billion euros in 2019.

Household consumption expenditure on clothing in Germany from 2005 to 2019 (in million euros)

Characteristic Final consumption expenditure in million euros
2019 64,026
2018 62,614
2017 63,061
2016 61,341
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