What is called student in German?

What is I am a Studentin German?

in German. Ich bin Student.

Is Student a German word?

In German, a Student or Studentin is a male or female person attending a university or another institution of higher education. When referring to pupils in elementary, junior high, or high schools, the terms Schüler (masculine) and Schülerin (feminine) are used.

What is a male Student called in German?

students. Studenten. male adjective, noun. männlich, Mann, Männer-, Männchen, Rüde.

How do you say she is a student in German?

sie sei Studentin

German 4, Level 4, Scene 2.

What is German for student?

Student Noun. Student, der ~ (SchülerStudentinSchülerin)

What is the German word for students?

der Student (Schüler; Studentin; Schülerin)

How do you say students in German?

die Studenten

German 1, Level 5, Scene 1.

What is the plural of tochter?

Tochter f (genitive Tochter, plural Töchter, diminutive Töchterchen n or Töchterlein n ) daughter.

What is the plural of Tisch?

The plural of Tisch is die Tische.

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