What do French think of Germany?

Do French people know German?

This statistic shows the percentage of French people who speak German in 2018. It displays that 73 percent of the respondents stated that they could not speak German at all.

What do French think of British?

The French people we talked to complained of the British being big-headed, strict and uptight. “They think way too highly of themselves,” said Eric, 63. “Everything shocks them and they are quite moralistic,” said Margaux, 30. Brits were also seen as difficult to get.

How many French know German?

Native speakers

Country Speakers Percentage
France 748,000 1.2%
Germany 69,701,200 85.2%
Hungary 38,248 0.4%
Kazakhstan 30,413 0.2%

Is German spoken in France?

Of the languages of France, French is the sole official language according to the second article of the French Constitution.

Languages of France
Foreign English (39%) Spanish (13%) German (8%) Italian (5%)
Signed French Sign Language
Keyboard layout AZERTY, BÉPO

Do British and French get along?

France and Britain have officially been on good terms since the Entente cordiale was signed in 1904. But theirs is that special kind of relationship that comes about after what normally just feels like but is in their case literally centuries of discord, peppered with lengthy, brutal breakups and diplomatic makeups.

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Are English welcome in France?

British tourists will be welcome in France from June 9 as long as they have proof of vaccination or a negative test. The announcement by president Emmanuel Macron comes as a study finds much of Europe could safely be put on the travel ‘green list’ this summer.

Why do the French hate speaking English?

There is a common saying online, that French people find it rude if you speak English when you are in France. … The truth is, there are many reasons that French people don’t like speaking English with foreigners. It’s easy to say this is because they think English is rude, but there are many other reasons for it.

What do French think about Germans?

“These days a lot of French are jealous of Germany’s economic success,” she added. Sixteen-year-old Salim Chaabane said: “We see Germany as the strongest country in Europe. They are powerful economically but their language is horrible.” “The French don’t have any problems with the Germans,” said Romain Delpouve.

Should I study French or German?

If you are a native speaker of any of the Romance languages then you will feel it easy to learn French. On the other hand, Germanic language speakers will find German a little easier. Don’t get too happy. There are some grammatical rules both in German and French that can prove to be an uphill task.

What is the 3rd most spoken language?

Which Languages Have the Most Speakers?

Rank Language Native Speakers
1 Mandarin Chinese 918 million
2 Spanish 460 million
3 English 379 million
4 Hindi 341 million
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What percent of world speaks German?

Germany has a total of more than 81 million people. Of this total population, 91.8% speak German as their native language. This is over 74 million people. About 5.6 million people speak German as their second language.