Quick Answer: What strange place is there a piece of the Berlin Wall?

What was on the other side of the Berlin Wall?

The West side of the Berlin Wall was covered in graffiti while the East side was not. The subway system that had run across Germany was divided after the Berlin Wall was built. Subways on the East could only operate on the East side and vice versa.

How many pieces of the Berlin Wall are there?

Of the 54,000 concrete slabs that once made up the western side of Berlin Wall, hundreds of these segments, often in pairs or groups, have made their way to far-flung locales.

Are pieces of the Berlin Wall worth anything?

When the Berlin Wall was torn down in 1989, collectors could buy a small piece of the concrete for $50. Larger pieces could cost several thousand dollars.

Was the East side of the Berlin Wall communism?

The Berlin Wall was built by the communist government of East Berlin in 1961. The wall separated East Berlin and West Berlin. It was built in order to prevent people from fleeing East Berlin.

What was part of East Germany?

Approximately half the size of West Germany, East Germany consisted of the German states of Mecklenburg, Brandenburg, Lusatia, Saxony and Thuringia.

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Where are pieces of the Berlin Wall today?

The Berlin Wall ran along the entire southern edge of Bernauer Straße during the years of Berlin’s division. Part of this former border strip together with the watchtower are now home to an open air exhibition offering historical audio and video material as well as a visitor centre with videos and a viewing tower.

Where are there sections of the Berlin Wall today?

Today, almost nothing is left of it. In many places, metal plates in the ground remind us where the Wall once stood. For more than 28 years, the Wall divided East and West Berlin. Today, almost nothing is left of it.