Question: What were the German states before unification?

What were the German states before 1871?

States of the German Confederation

State Capital
Bavaria (Bayern) Munich
Hanover (Hannover) Hanover
Prussia (Preußen) (excluding Posen, East Prussia and West Prussia) Berlin
Saxony (Sachsen) Dresden

What states were in the German Confederation?

Members of the German Confederation were:

  • Austria (split into Upper Austria and Lower Austria in 1849)
  • Kingdom of Bohemia (Bohmen)
  • Duchy of Carinthia (Karnten)
  • Duchy of Carniola (Krain)
  • Littoral (consisting of Gorizia and Gradisca, Istria and Trieste) (Osterreichisches Kustenland)
  • March of Moravia (Morava)

What were the four kingdoms of Germany?


  • Kingdom of Bavaria.
  • Kingdom of Prussia (itself subdivided into provinces; including the Duchy of Saxe-Lauenburg ruled in personal union until annexed 1 July 1876)
  • Kingdom of Saxony.
  • Kingdom of Württemberg.
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