Question: What does Dorfer mean in German?

What is the meaning of Dorf?

Dorf → village, town, abode, whereabouts, accommodation, location, place, spot, field, site, venue, hamlet.

What does doerfer mean in English?

Wiktionary. Dörfer. noun. a rural habitation of size between a hamlet and a town.

What does Dorf mean at the end of a name?

Jewish (Ashkenazic) : nickname or topographic name for someone who lived in a village, German Dorf.

What does Dussel mean in Dutch?

silly noun. Dussel. dope noun. Stoff, Rauschgift, Trottel, Schmiermittel, Aufputschmittel.

How did Tim Conway do Dorf?

Dorf was characterized by his diminutive height (he was performed by Conway standing in a hole with fake shoes attached to his knees), toupée, toothbrush mustache, pot belly, unusual accent (modeled by Conway on a Swedish accent), and frequent pratfalls.

What does Glebe mean in German?

Glebenoun. turf; soil; ground; sod. Etymology: [F. glbe, L. gleba, glaeba, clod, land, soil.]

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