How big is Amazon Germany?

Is Amazon popular in Germany?

Our Germany forwarding warehouse sees countless Amazon Germany orders coming through every single day. is one of the most popular online stores in Germany, and there are numerous items sold through the site that you can’t get your hands on elsewhere.

How successful is Amazon in Germany?

One of the most prominent marketplaces is As we know, this is an American sales giant that is quite successful in Germany, too. Did you know that 27% of sales in German e-commerce is generated on

How many sellers are there on Amazon Germany?

To be precise, Amazon already has over 44 million customers in Germany in 2016, of which 17 million have a prime account. There were more than 64,000 registered sellers that year, making Amazon’s reach unparalleled.

How many employees does Amazon have in Germany?

Munich – Amazon is planning to create more than 2,000 new permanent positions this year across its corporate offices and development centers as well as in its fulfillment centers, bringing the total number of employees to over 18,000 by the end of 2018 in Germany.

Do Germans like Amazon?

For internet users in Germany, Amazon is the most popular, and at the same time, the most unpopular online store. Even if other retailers have lower prices, Amazon is for most people the most preferred online store.

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Does Germany use Amazon?

Shopping on from Germany

You can find anything you want there. However, the products you can find on Amazon depend on the country you live in. And according to Glopal records, is one of Germany’s favourite overseas retailer, and for good reason.

Can I sell on Amazon Germany from UK?

You can sell the items on and ship from the UK. You could charge UK VAT until you’re required to register for German VAT by exceeding the distance selling threshold €100,000 a year. You can sell the items on and store the products in German FCs. You would be required to register for VAT in Germany.

Does Amazon Germany ship to Ireland?

Unlike the Amazon UK site, the German Amazon site does not have the option of free shipping to Ireland. Even Amazon Prime members have to pay the same as everyone else for delivery to Ireland.