Frequent question: How easy is it to get a job in Germany as a foreigner?

How can a foreigner get a job in Germany?

The steps to getting a job in Germany

  1. Check your chances. The Quick Check on the Make it in Germany website should indicate your chances of working in Germany. …
  2. Get your qualifications recognised. …
  3. Look for a job. …
  4. Write an application. …
  5. Apply for a visa. …
  6. Obtain health insurance.

Is it difficult to get a job in Germany?

Is it easy to get a job in Germany? All of this may sound like a lot of work, but it’s usually fairly simple. And don’t become downhearted. There are various areas where employers are desperate for motivated, well-qualified staff, and they don’t care which country they come from.

Do Germans hire foreigners?


Foreign nationals wishing to take up an employment are required to apply for residence permit for the purpose of employment which requires the approval from the Federal Employment Agency. This approval is obtained through an internal procedure that can take up to 8 weeks.

What is the easiest job to get in Germany?

If you are looking for a job opportunity here, then the easiest jobs you can find in Germany are the ones that are in demand.

Top job openings in Germany:

  • Nurses.
  • Business managers.
  • Account managers.
  • Production assistants.
  • Sales managers, representatives.
  • Product managers.
  • Architects.
  • Civil engineers.
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Is it easy for foreigners to get jobs in Germany?

Germany has the largest economy in Europe and the fifth-largest in the world, so there are plenty of jobs in Germany for foreigners with specialist skills, although casual work is also fairly easy to come by.

Can I move to Germany without a job?

Yes, it’s possible to move to Germany even if you don’t have a job. … EU/EEA citizens can simply travel to Germany and look for a job. Whereas non-EU/EAA citizens need to apply for a visa in advance. Moving to Germany without a job isn’t easy, especially for people outside of the EU.

What jobs are in high demand in Germany?

High Demand Jobs in Germany in 2021:

  • IT Specialists.
  • IT Consultants/Analysts.
  • Data Scientists/Analysts.
  • Software Developers.
  • Doctors.
  • Engineers.
  • Mechanical and Vehicle Engineers.
  • Electrical Engineers.

Is it worth moving to Germany?

1. There’s a very good chance you will get a job! Germany has the strongest economy in Europe and the fourth largest economy in the world. If you’re a skilled worker with a university degree, you should consider a move to Germany, because there’s a good chance you’ll get a job.

Can I get a job in Germany without speaking German?

In short: yes, there are English-speaking jobs in Germany. Foreigners who look for jobs in tech startups or digital departments have a higher chance of finding work in Germany without speaking German.

How can I get sponsored to work in Germany?

To get this permit you should sign a contract with an employer; you are 20+ years old and have a diploma. Not rarely, positions from are taken by candidates who do not live in EU country so employers agree to offer a candidate work visa sponsorship in Germany.

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Can German companies hire Americans?

The process is much easier in comparison to other non-EU/EEA citizens. For instance, Americans are allowed to take employment in Germany if they have a job offer and the federal employment agency has approved it. Moreover, American education and certificates are recognized in Germany.