Do they eat turkey in Germany?

Can you buy turkey in Germany?

As you may have noticed, there aren’t exactly rows of frozen turkeys on offer in German supermarkets as in the US come November. … An alternative is to settle for a whole chicken or goose – much more common in grocery stores – or simply pick up part of a turkey, called Pute or Truthahn in German.

Is turkey eaten in Europe?

First, there’s the bird. In much of Europe whole turkeys are only available for Christmas. One exception: the United Kingdom, where they are widely available online year-round from major supermarket chains. … That’s why some expats rely on family connections and social networks to get a fresh, reasonably-priced turkey.

What do they eat for Thanksgiving in Germany?

Although Thanksgiving is usual not celebrated as such in German families the period is still used as a good reason to come together as a family. The typical dish is also turkey, or goose. Unlike in the US, where Thanksgiving is a fixed date, Germans rather perceive it as a period that spreads over several weeks.

Can you buy cranberries in Germany?

Cranberries are surprisingly available in large (and even small) grocery stores including Kaufland and Rewe during this time of year. If you cannot find any in your local supermarket, you could go to your local fruit and vegetable shop and either check if they have them or ask them to order some for you.

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Which countries consume the most turkey?

The country that consumes the most turkey per year, per capita: Israel.

Is turkey eaten in Italy?

If you happen to be abroad for Thanksgiving, there’s no better place than Italy. Turkey isn’t exactly a thing here, but there are plenty of worthy alternatives. Some of them might even fly in the States (pun intended). … But in Italy, any excuse for an extravagant meal with family and friends is welcome.