Best answer: How many Germans died when this hill was blown up?

How many died on Hill 60?

In 4 hours on 21 August, the battalion took 383 casualties, including about 190 killed. In subsequent actions on Hill 60, the 18th Battalion suffered another 256 casualties. Within a week of arriving on Gallipoli, over 80% of its men were either dead or wounded.

How many died at Messines Ridge?

Losses: British, 17,000 casualties of 216,000; German, 25,000 of 126,000.

Is Beneath Hill 60 based on a true story?

‘Beneath Hill 60’ is a true story based on a front-line campaign in Belgium in 1917. This is a war film unlike any other. Not at least that it is about Australian soldiers in a predominately British campaign.

How many soldiers were in the battle of Messines?

The battle began with the detonation of 19 mines beneath the German front position, which devastated it and left 19 large craters.

Battle of Messines (1917)

Battle of Messines
12 divisions 5 divisions
Casualties and losses
24,562 21,886 (21 May to 10 June) – 26,087 (7–14 June)
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