Best answer: How long can a German citizen stay outside Germany?

What happens if I stay more than 6 months outside Germany?

If it is necessary for you to stay outside Germany for more than 6 months then you must take special permission from the Immigration Office (Ausländerbehörde) before leaving Germany. You cannot re-enter in Germany after the expiration of this 6 month period.

How long can a German citizen stay abroad?

The exception to this is the Schengen zone and some other countries in the EU. As long as you stay within countries in the Schengen zone, you’re free to travel around as much as you like for up to 90 days within a 6 month period!

How long can a German residence permit stay outside?

Please also note the following: As a general rule, German residence permits expire automatically (despite the mentioned validity date and also if issued as “permanent residence permit” (Niederlassungserlaubnis)) after a stay of more than six months outside Germany, the permanent residence permit EU (Daueraufenthalt- EU …

Will you retain permanent residence outside Germany and where?

Do you intend to maintain your permanent residence outside the Federal Republic of Germany: Yes, since you will be maintaining your permanent residence at your home country. Fill in your home address.

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What happens if you overstay your residence permit in Germany?

Overstaying the Schengen Visa allowance of 90 days within 180 days is not without consequences. Remaining after the expiry period may constitute a stay without a corresponding residence permit and will be prosecuted in Germany as a criminal or administrative offence.

How long can I stay outside Germany?

21 months. Holders of an EU Blue Card may stay outside Germany for up to twelve months without losing entitlement to an EU Blue Card. Under certain conditions, residence periods of holders of an EU Blue Card in several EU member states may also be considered for granting long-term Resident EU-Permit.

Can an EU resident move to another EU country?

As an EU citizen, you have the right to move to any EU country to live, work, study, look for a job or retire. You can stay in another EU country for up to 3 months without registering there but you may need to report your presence. The only requirement is to hold a valid national identity card or passport.

How long does a residence permit last?

If your application is successful, you’ll be able to live in the UK for 5 years with pre-settled status or indefinitely if you get settled status. If your UK residence card has not reached its expiry date, you can use it as proof of identity when you apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

Does residence permit expire?

All Biometric Residence Permits have an expiry date and will last up to 10 years. If your BRP has expired and you have indefinite leave to remain you must apply online for a replacement, this must be done from within the UK.

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