Are there any German troops in Afghanistan?

Did Germany participate in Afghanistan?

With a contingent of 5,350 soldiers and policemen, Germany was one of the main contributors of troops to coalition operations in Afghanistan.

Where is the German army deployed?

At the moment, German soldiers are deployed in Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as in the Mediterranean.

Did Germany leave Afghanistan?

Germany and Italy have removed their last remaining soldiers from Afghanistan, ending almost two decades of deployment to the war-torn country alongside U.S. and other coalition troops.

Why did Germany go to Afghanistan?

When terrorist attacks demolished the World Trade Center in New York, many countries, including Germany, pledged their support to the United States. Germany sent troops into Afghanistan in 2001 to aid the American war effort and the German deployment initially enjoyed support from a majority of the German public.

When was Germany in Afghanistan?

More than 150,000 German troops served in Afghanistan between the beginning of 2002 and their final withdrawal this summer. Germany was in recent years the second-biggest troop provider after the United States. Fifty-nine German troops died in Afghanistan missions over the years.

What is the German army called in 2021?


Federal Defence Forces of Germany
Active personnel 184,507 (July 2021)
Reserve personnel 30,050 (2020)
Deployed personnel 1,925 (16 August 2021)
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How many European troops are in Afghanistan?

As of June 2020, Germany contributed 1,300 troops to the NATO resolute supporting mission in Afghanistan. The Afghan security forces includes 180.9 thousand personnel of the Ministry of defense as well as 112.4 thousand from the Ministry of Interior.

Characteristic Number of troops contribution

Do other countries have troops in Afghanistan?

More than 51 NATO members and partner countries sent troops to Afghanistan, with a combined 130,000 troops at the deployment’s peak. NATO’s combat mission ended in 2014, but coalition troops remained to help train and advise Afghan security forces.