Your question: What is the salary of a student in Germany?

How much can I earn in Germany as a student?

Students in Germany can earn up to €450 (~US$491) per month tax-free. If you earn more than this, you will receive an income tax number and have automatic tax deductions from your salary. Some employers may withhold income tax despite the low income, but you can reclaim this after submitting your income tax statement.

Do students get money in Germany?

The current maximum amount per month (for a university student) is 861.00 € (2021). For every own child below the age of 10, living in the student’s household, an additional 130.00 € can be requested. This can be reduced gradually if student or parent income or student assets exceed certain amounts.

How much do Indian students earn part time in Germany?

The minimum wage is 8.80 euros per hour and they can earn more depending on their work. Usually, the wages are higher in big cities but the cost of living is also considerably high. Students earning 450 euros per month or less than that are exempted from paying taxes.

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Can student work full-time in Germany?

In Germany, a “full day” is defined as 8 hours, with full working weeks comprising 40 hours. This means that students can work 2.5 full days per week during term-time. Outside term-time, full-time work is perfectly fine, just remember the annual total.

How much do students earn monthly in Germany?

Taxes. Students can hold a minijob and earn up to 450 EUR per month without having to pay taxes. If you regularly earn more than 450 EUR, you will need a tax number, and a certain amount will be taken from your wages every month. Students can get this money back at the end of the year by submitting a tax return .

How can a student make money in Germany?

9 ways to earn money in Germany as a student

  1. Internship. …
  2. Student work in a company. …
  3. Writing thesis in a company. …
  4. Scholarship. …
  5. University jobs. …
  6. Bartender/ waiter. …
  7. Babysitter, and other jobs from private persons. …
  8. Street performance.

How much can a part-time student earn in Germany?

The classic among the part-time jobs is the minijob. You may earn up to 450 euros per month. With a minimum wage of 9.50 euros per hour (as of Jan. 2021), you have to work a maximum of around eleven hours per week or around 47 hours per month for this amount.

How much does it cost to live in Germany as a student?

Average Monthly Expenses for an International Student in Germany

Item/Expense Rate
Utilities €150 – €300 Basic utilities including the internet, mobile and Tv expenses along with others
Personal Expenses €50 – €200 Depending on the lifestyle you choose to live in Germany.
Total Expense €750 – €1715 per month
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How much money should I have to study in Germany?

Not only can you study for free in Germany, but it is also a pretty affordable country. The average costs of living for students range between 700 – 1,000 EUR/month, including accommodation. Find out more about expenses (including health insurance) for students in Germany.

How much can a part-time job pay in Germany?

Students on part-time jobs can earn up to 450 euros per month without having to pay taxes. However, once they exceed the limit on a regular monthly basis they would have to obtain a tax number and start paying taxes.

Is it easy to find part-time jobs in Germany?

Germany provides the students with a one-year post-study work permit along with their student visas, which makes finding these jobs easier and more beneficial to a significant career in Germany. A student can easily find these kinds of jobs in the local newspapers.

How can a student get a part-time job in Germany?

The university bulletin board can be an efficient way to find a student job while at university. Typically, these boards are full of flyers for students to see and in certain cases, employers are also offering jobs with flexible hours, perfect for university students.