Your question: Is Apple popular in Germany?

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Are Apple products popular in Germany?

Android and Apple, however, seem to remain the best-known among consumers. When comparing the market share of both in smartphone sales in Germany, Android far outstripped Apple. Another comparison shows that.

Do Germans like Apple?

Naturally, Germans love to eat apples as a healthy snack (78%) but they also enjoy in apple pie (63%) and applesauce (55%). Quite a lot of Germans (43%) have found, at one time or another, a worm in their apple. This may also be related to the fact that almost every German (89%) has picked apples themselves.

What phone is popular in Germany?

In 2020, Samsung was the most popular smartphone/cellphone brand amongst the German population, 36.2 percent of women preferring it and 34.1 percent of men agreeing. Apple’s iPhone followed.

Are Apple products popular in Europe?

In Europe alone, the market slumped 4.9% in units to 195.2 million. … Apple managed to grow its market share in EMEA by 10% throughout 2020. It held 15.4% of the EMEA market, compared to 13.4% in 2019. Samsung’s share actually dropped 15.9% in that same period, from 32.9% in 2019 to 28.9% in 2020.

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