Your question: How do you call the police for noise in Germany?

How do I make a noise complaint in Germany?

How to file a noise complaint in Berlin

  1. Contact the Ordnungsamt. The Ordnungsamt will send a police officers to knock at your neighbours’ door, and ask them to be quiet. …
  2. Notice the Hausverwaltung. If the same neighbour always makes noise, complain to your building management (Hausverwaltung).

Can I call police if my neighbors are being noisy?

Police. The first thing you can do is call the police. Often, having an officer show up at the door about a noise complaint is enough to get most people to tone it down. Most areas have noise ordinances, and repeat visits from the police could result in fines or even misdemeanor charges.

Can I ring police for noise complaint?

You can report noise disturbances to our noise and nuisance team any time of the day either online or by calling 020 7525 5777 (find out about call charges). They’ll visit you to assess the problem and take steps to deal with it.

What time can you make noise in Germany?

The following is a brief list of the ordinances and rules you need to know: QUIET TIME (Ruhezeit): Quiet time is from 8 p.m. until 7 a.m. and all day Sundays and holidays. A little quiet snoring is allowed, but house and garden appliances and machinery are off limits.

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Is loud music illegal in Germany?

But in Germany, your music is much more likely to be noise to your neighbor than anywhere else. … Usually, these are state (Bundesland) or community laws that regulate noise. A typical example would be regulations that forbid any Lärmbelästigung (noise pollution) at these times: All day on Sunday and German holidays.

What can I do if my Neighbours are noisy?


  1. Overview.
  2. Talk to your neighbour.
  3. Contact your neighbour’s landlord.
  4. Use a mediation service.
  5. Complain about noise to the council.
  6. High hedges, trees and boundaries.
  7. Call the police.
  8. Take action through the courts.

Can you call the police for loud music UK?

Nuisance noise is any loud or persistent noise that causes you ongoing concern or affects your quality of life. Your local council should be your first contact for reporting nuisance noise as this isn’t usually a matter for the police.

Is it illegal to make noise after 11pm?

Examples of Noise Pollution

So, in general, making noise between 11 in the night and 7 in the morning is illegal, but making any annoying noise during any period of the day can be annoying and disturbing.