You asked: Which is better to visit Frankfurt or Stuttgart?

Is Stuttgart Germany worth visiting?

Having toured many great places in Germany, I would not recommend spending the time in Stuttgart. … This is a bigger city and doesn’t have many interesting things to see. It is known to the locals as a great place to shop (which it is) but doesn’t offer enough interest to put it on a tourist’s map.

Is Frankfurt worth visiting?

Frankfurt is home to the most impressive skyline in Germany as well as world-renowned museums and galleries, historical cathedrals, and stunning views. If the city’s not yet on your radar, here are just a few good reasons why you should pay Frankfurt a visit…

What is there to see between Stuttgart and Frankfurt?

The top stops along the way from Stuttgart to Frankfurt (with short detours) are Heidelberg Palace, Römer, and Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof. Other popular stops include Lichtentaler Allee, Mainz Cathedral, and Technic Museum Speyer.

Which is better to visit Munich or Frankfurt?

Munich is much more touristy (it will more like what you expect to Germany to be) whereas Frankfurt as a city is more of a business/finance hub with not a great deal to offer for the tourist.

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Why you should visit Stuttgart?

Stuttgart is a city of dichotomies. It’s traditional yet quick to embrace the modern, sophisticated but eager for any excuse to celebrate, and its long history as a car city hasn’t hindered the preservation of green space and development of more pedestrian-only areas than many urban centres in Europe.

Is Stuttgart safe for tourists?

How Safe Is Stuttgart Really? Overall it is a safe destination for you as a tourist from almost all perspectives, but it is advisable to take all measures in order to preserve your safety and security.

Is it worth staying in Frankfurt?

Is Frankfurt worth visiting? Frankfurt may not be the first city in Germany that comes to mind for a weekend citybreak in Europe, but it’s worth considering given Frankfurt’s excellent air and rail connections and day trip possibilities.

Should I visit Frankfurt or Berlin?

For most travelers, the answer is, choose Berlin. Berlin is the capital of Germany and a very large city (over 3.5 million people), while Frankfurt is an important financial center but a much smaller city with under 1M people. Berlin has a very rich history, culture, and nightlife.

Is Frankfurt cheaper than Munich?

Cost of Living Comparison Between Frankfurt and Munich

You would need around 4,528.19€ in Munich to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 4,100.00€ in Frankfurt (assuming you rent in both cities). … Tell us some prices in Munich.

Which is better to visit Munich or Berlin?

Berlin vs Munich – the final verdict

Munich is the better city for people who like to see Germany’s traditional side and like to explore magnificent tourist attractions and fairy-tale castles. Berlin, on the other hand, will be ideal for people who would like to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of a young city.

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