You asked: How do you conjugate werden in German?

How do you use German werden?

If you want to indicate that something’s in the process of becoming something else, werden is the word for you. If you want to say you’re getting sick, use werden. Ich werde Krank. I’m getting sick.

What is werden German?

When used by itself as a simple, “full” verb, werden means “to become,” “to turn into,” or in colloquial English, “to get,” as in: … Wir werden nicht älter, wir werden nur besser.

What is the present tense of werden?

Present Tense Conjugation

Pronoun Conjugation Meaning
ich werde I become
du wirst you become (singular familiar)
er/sie/es wird he/she/it becomes
wir werden we become

Is Werden a form of Sein?

There are three important verbs that do not fit into the intransitive verb rule and have to use sein as the auxiliary verb: bleiben (to stay), werden (to become) and sein (to be). They do not express movement but they must take sein.

How do you conjugate werden in German?

When forming the Futur I in German, you will use the verb werden in the present tense plus the infinitive form of another verb.

Werden in the Future Tense.

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Pronoun Verb Meaning
wir werden we become
ihr werdet you become
sie werden they become
Sie werden You become (singular formal)

What is the difference between Sein and werden?

In your context “werden” is a passive operation (Vorgangspassiv), where something is happing and “sein” is a passive state (Zustandspassiv), where something just is.

How do you pronounce werden?


  1. (originally) IPA: /wɛːrdən/ or IPA: /wærdən/
  2. While the combination /rd/ originally lengthened the vowel in Old Saxon, in several Middle Low German dialects it was treated like a geminate, or had actually become /r/, and in turn shortened long vowels occurring before it.

Is Werden a modal verb in German?

To form the future tense of the modal we use werden and its forms as we do for all future tenses. … The difference between the structure of the future and perfect tenses is that the future uses werden and its forms, the perfect tenses haben and its forms.

What is the difference between Wurde and war?

Würde means would, as in conditional. War means was, as in to be in the past. Wurde means became.

How do you use Wurde?

“Würde” – this translates into “would like”. Just as in English, this is a more polite way to express the same idea. If, for example, asked whether you’d like anything to drink, your reply would usually be, “Ich würde gern eine Cola haben” (I would like a coke have – I’d like to have a coke).

What is the difference between Worden and Geworden?

Geworden is the Perfekt form of werden. Worden happens, when another verb conjugates with it. Meaning the other verb “takes” the ge from geworden instead. The worden then indicates, whatever happpens is passive.

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How do you conjugate Essen?

In this lesson, we will learn all about how to conjugate the irregular verb meaning to eat.

Lesson Summary.

Pronoun Conjugation
es isst
wir essen
ihr esst
sie essen