You asked: How do I file a complaint against a police officer in Germany?

How do I report a police officer in Germany?

In a case of an immediate emergency, please always report to the police by calling 110. You can also report a crime in person at a police station or in writing. You can also report online. „Internetwache“ is a an online police presence available to you if you wish to report online.

How do I make a complaint about a police officer?

You can do this:

  1. Online via the website.
  2. Telephone – please call 0845 601 2931.
  3. Fax – 028 9082 8659.
  4. Email – this email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  5. By post or in person at the following address:

What qualifies as police misconduct?

Serious misconduct

As a general guide, this could include indications that NSW Police Force or NSW Crime Commission officers or employees have been, or are, involved in: … perverting the course of justice (for example by planting evidence at a crime scene or interfering with a brief of evidence) serious assaults.

Can you record police in Germany?

Can I film the police in Germany? There is no exception for police officers1,2. … You can’t share photos or videos of police officers without getting their permission or blurring their faces.

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How do you deal with a rude police officer?

How To Deal With Confrontational Cops

  1. Say as Little as Possible & Don’t Admit Anything.
  2. Exhibit Non-Aggressive Behavior & Speech.
  3. Demonstrate Respect.
  4. If you Must Get Mad, Do it Later!
  5. Next step: contact a Colorado criminal defense attorney.

What to do if police is not helping?

File a Writ Petition in the High Court – With the help of a lawyer, you may also file a writ petition in the High Court of your state if the police officer refuses to take action or file your complaint. This will oblige the police officer(s) to show cause or reasons for not filing your complaint.

What can you do if the police don’t do their job?

How to complain

  1. To lodge a formal complaint with the Commissioner of Police you must do so in writing.
  2. You must lodge your complaint online, OR complete the Complaint Form (PDF) AND: …
  3. To lodge a formal complaint with the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) go to

How long can a cop follow you before it’s considered harassment?

1 attorney answer

There is no limit to how many times a police officer can pull you over and be considered harassment, as long as they have a valid reason to pull you over such as traffic offenses. If, however, they are manufacturing probable cause for the stop, it…