Why did Berlin inject himself?

Why did Berlin sacrifice himself in money heist?

Unbeknownst to his crew, Berlin had a rare degenerative disease and a life expectancy of only about seven months. In the second season, he sacrificed himself to give his crew more time to escape from the National Mint through a tunnel. He was killed by police.

What illness does Berlin have in money heist?

It is revealed in one of the flashback scenes that Berlin was indeed terminally ill even before the first heist started. In a flashback scene, Berlin tells Professor who is also his brother that he has their mother’s illness. This is a rare degenerative disease.

What is Berlin’s disease?

Berlin syndrome – ectodermal dysplasia described in two brothers and two sisters, featuring stunted growth, mental retardation, birdlike legs, fine dry skin with mottled pigmentation, flat nose, thick lips, and wrinkling around mouth and eyes. ‘

Is Berlin a psychopath?

“Berlin’s case for his own show is very clear; he’s a misogynist, a psychopath, egocentric, a narcissist, a delinquent, a rapist. But still there are lots of people who adore him, because he values friendship, loyalty or fraternity,” Pina told Oprah magazine.

Is Berlin a bad guy in money heist?

Type of Villain

Andres de Fonollosa, better known by his codename Berlin, is one of the two main antagonists (along with The Professor) from the Spanish Netflix series La Casa de Papel (Money Heist).

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Is Professor and Berlin blood related?

Spoilers (8)

El Profesor (Álvaro Morte) and Berlin (Pedro Alonso) were not originally supposed to be brothers. … Berlin and The Professor are actually brothers, despite having different surnames (maybe they only share their mother/father). It was confirmed by the creator of the show in an interview with Vertele.