Why are German potatoes so good?

Why do Germans like potatoes so much?

According to legend, King Frederick II of Prussia believed in the economic and nutritious value of potatoes. He tricked local farmers into planting more of the so-called apple of the earth by posting soldiers around the potato fields to protect them. It worked — highly valued goods taste even better.

What kind of potatoes do Germans eat?

Germany’s many varieties of potatoes are divided into three categories: festkochend (waxy), vorwiegend festkochend (medium waxy) and mehlig (mealy). German stores label potatoes based on these three categories with a colored coded strip: green for festkochend, red for vorwiegend festkochend and blue for mehlig.

What is the best quality potato?

4 Best Rated Potatoes in the World

  • Idaho Potatoes. Idaho. United States of America. shutterstock. …
  • Lički krumpir. Lika-Senj County. Croatia. shutterstock. …
  • Yukon Gold. Ontario. Canada. shutterstock. …
  • Pataca de Galicia. Galicia. Spain. shutterstock.

What are russet potatoes called in Germany?

In Germany they are called Mehligkochend, and come in a bag with a blue tag. Earthy flavored russets and Idahos are the best choice for fluffy French fries, fluffy roasted potatoes, and archetypical creamy mashed potatoes. They, however, lose their shape when simmered in soups or stews.

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Why is German food so heavy?

The reason given most often is that German food is heavy. … German food typically comes one of three ways: made with pork, made with bacon or made with both pork and bacon. But the country is also known for its robust, chewy breads and its delicate, cream-filled pastries. And, of course, its beer.

Do potatoes grow in Germany?

No other country in the European Union grows as many potatoes as Germany does. Every region has its own potato dish. … We produce some 11 millions of tonnes a year, which is almost 20 per cent of the European harvest. This makes Germany one of the ten largest potato producers in the world.

Do they have sweet potatoes in Germany?

With its creamy texture and a sweet-spicy flavour, the sweet potato is enjoying increasing popularity not only in Germany, but across Europe. Although the European market for sweet potatoes is still relatively small, imports and consumption are rapidly expanding.

Are Idaho potatoes the best in the world?

Idaho’s unique environment provides nearly perfect growing conditions for potatoes. The soil, clear clean water, clean air and climate in Idaho make potatoes superior to any potato grown anywhere else.

Are Yukon Gold potatoes early or late?

Each type of potato has a different “days to maturity” number. For example, Yukon Golds are 70 to 90 days to maturity. This makes them “early season” potatoes because they are ready earlier than some. A “late season potato,” such as heirloom fingerling types, takes about 110 to 135 days to maturity.

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What is Festkochend?

Festkochend (Waxy)—These are potatoes with a low starch content, which hold up well after cooking. They are good for salads, salt potatoes, bratkartoffeln or fried potatoes, and casseroles and soups. In Germany, the varieties you might see are named Cilena, Linda, Nicola, etc.