Which side of Berlin wall had graffiti?

Why is there graffiti on the Berlin Wall?

The art on the Berlin Wall was a form of rebellion against the repression and division the wall brought to the everyday lives of Berliners. It was a way for artists to express their contempt for the wall and its meaning by transforming the drab stone wall into an artistic display of expression and rebellion.

Why is there so much graffiti in Germany?

Berlin and other European cities seem to be more riddled with graffiti than North American ones. That is probably the result of the failure to remove tags and graffiti in public places. Europeans seem to have a higher tolerance for graffiti than North Americans. Has the street art all around them become invisible?

Is it illegal to graffiti the Berlin Wall?

Graffiti is Illegal

You’d think that with such an abundance of graffiti-laden walls through the city that it must be legal but since September 2005 this has not been the case. Previously, graffiti was not considered property damage per se, unless by its removal, the surface was damaged.

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