When did German immigrants come to Australia?

When did Germans begin to migrate to Australia?

Organised immigration to South Australia from Germany began from 1838, with the sponsorship by George Fife Angas, chairman of the South Australian Company, of a group of religious refugees from Silesia led by Pastor August Kavel.

Why did people leave Germany in 1860s?

European Emigration to the U.S. 1861 – 1870

Industrialization could not provide decent-paying jobs, and political rights were limited. Dissatisfied with the lack of land and opportunity, many Germans left.

What happened to Germans in Australia during the war?

Germans and Italians were also interned because of their nationality, particularly those living in northern Australia. Around 20 per cent of all Italians living in Australia were interned. At the peak of the war, Australia held more than 12,000 people in internment camps.

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