When did East and West Germany begin?

What year did Germany split into East and West?

During 1945, the Allies began organising their respective occupation zones in Germany. The Americans occupied the South, the British the West and North, France the South-West, and the Soviets Central Germany.

How long was Germany divided into East and West?

Germany was divided during the Cold War between the Western Allies led by the United States and the Soviet Union in the East, with the two regions not being reunited until 1990.

History of Germany (1945–1990)

Occupation Ostgebiete 1945–1949/1952
Reunification New states 1990
Modern history since 1990

Why did the Allies divide Germany in 1946?

The Allies divided Germany into four zones of occupation after World War II for two main reasons. … This meant that the Allies were not going to be able to agree to let Germany be controlled by any one Allied country. Instead, they divided it up so that each side would control a little bit of Germany.

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