What was the strongest state in Germany?

What is the strongest part of Germany’s economy?

Germany is one of the largest exporters globally with $1810.93 billion worth of goods and services exported in 2019. The service sector contributes around 70% of the total GDP, industry 29.1%, and agriculture 0.9%. Exports accounted for 41% of national output.

Which is the richest state in Germany?

The Richest And Poorest States In Germany

Rank States GDP per capita (EUR€)
1 Hamburg 61,729
2 Bremen 47,603
3 Bavaria 43,092
4 Hesse 43,073

Which is the poorest state in Germany?


State Rank GRP per capita (EUR€)
Germany 38,200
Hamburg 1 61,800
Bremen 2 47,900
Bavaria 3 44,200

What makes German economy strong?

The German economy has its great innovativeness and strong focus on exports to thank for its competitiveness and global networking. In high-selling sectors, such as car-making, mechanical and plant engineering, the chemicals industry and medical technology, exports account for well over half of total sales.

What makes up Germany’s economy?

Germany’s solid economy, the world’s fourth largest and Europe’s largest, is based on exports of high-quality manufactured goods. Germany has come under fire from other European countries and the United States for its low level of defense spending and its construction of a second natural gas pipeline link with Russia.

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Which is the richest city in Germany?

List of German cities by GDP

Rank City Gross domestic product per capita in €
1 Berlin 40,105
2 Hamburg 64,771
3 Munich 79,690
4 Frankfurt am Main 94,190

Where do the rich live in Germany?

Munich is the richest city according to the study, with an annual household disposable income of €29,685. Three former western cities follow on the list including Stuttgart (€25,012), Düsseldorf (€24,882) and Hamburg (€24,421). Berlin on the other hand has an average of €19,719.

Which German state is the most powerful?

The Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia were the largest and by far the most powerful members of the Confederation.

Where is the poorest part of Germany?


Bundesland (state) Children on the welfare rolls (percent of all children, in 2015) People on the welfare rolls (percent of all persons, in 2015)
North Rhine-Westphalia 14.0% 8.1%
Saarland 14.0% 7.4%
Schleswig-Holstein 14.4% 8.2%
Hamburg 20.8% 10.6%