What was the purpose of the Berlin Blockade quizlet?

What was the purpose of the Berlin Blockade?

The Berlin Blockade served to highlight the competing ideological and economic visions for postwar Europe. It played a major role in aligning West Berlin with the United States as the major protecting power, and in drawing West Germany into the NATO orbit several years later in 1955.

What was the reason for the blockade of Berlin in 1949 quizlet?

What were the causes of the Berlin Blockade? stalin refused to allow marshall aid for communist controlled countries. in 1946, britain, france and the USA combine their zones of occupation in germany. in 1946, britain, france and the USA introduced a new currency.

What were the main results of the Berlin Blockade?

As a result of the Soviet blockade, the people of West Berlin were left without food, clothing, or medical supplies. Some U.S. officials pushed for an aggressive response to the Soviet provocation, but cooler heads prevailed and a plan for an airlift of supplies to West Berlin was developed.

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What was the outcome of the Berlin Blockade quizlet?

What was the result of the Berlin Blockade? Germany split up. In May 1949, America, Britain and France united their zones into the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany). In October 1949, Stalin set up the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) .

Why did the Soviet Union begin the Berlin Blockade?

On June 24, 1948, the Soviet Union blocked all road and rail travel to and from West Berlin, which was located within the Soviet zone of occupation in Germany. The Soviet action was in response to the refusal of American and British officials to allow Russia more say in the economic future of Germany.

What impact did the Berlin Blockade have on the Cold War?

Not only did the blockade turn out to be totally ineffective, it ended up backfiring on the Soviets in other ways. It provoked genuine fears of war in the West. And instead of preventing the establishment of an independent West Germany, it accelerated the Allies plans to set up the state.

How did the Berlin Blockade began?

The crisis started on June 24, 1948, when Soviet forces blockaded rail, road, and water access to Allied-controlled areas of Berlin. The United States and United Kingdom responded by airlifting food and fuel to Berlin from Allied airbases in western Germany.

What was the result of breaking the Berlin Blockade in 1948 49 quizlet?

What was a result of breaking the Berlin blockade in 1948-49? … It paved the way for the creation of two separate German states in 1949: the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany), aligned with the US, and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), aligned with the USSR.

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What were the long term effects of the Berlin Blockade?

Another important consequence of the blockade and airlift was the continuation of Western presence in Berlin. In the long term, this would ensure that Berlin continued to a be a hotspot in Cold War relations, facilitating another crisis with the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961.