What was the population of Germany in World War II?

What was the population of Germany in World war 2?

WW2 Germany Population, Statistics, and Numbers

World War 2 Germany Population
German Population 1940: includes Austria, Memelland, Sudetenland, and Poland 89,600,000+
Gender and Age
German Men in 1939: 38,900,000+
German Men age 15-65 in 1939: 24,620,748

What was the population of Germany in 1945?

In the last free election in Germany, Adolf Hitler received just a third of all votes cast. By 1945 only about eight million Germans belonged to the Nazi party, out of a total population of approximately 80 million people.

What was the population of Germany in 1939 and 1945?

German Empire, Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany (1871–1945)

Date Area in km² Pop.
17 May 1939 583,370 79,375,281
27 May 1942
1 March 1943
29 October 1946 353,460 65,137,274

What percentage of German population died in ww2?

This new number of 5 million is generally supported by historians. David Glantz in his book “When Titans Clashed” puts the total German casualties (including wounded) at over 11 million (6 million wounded, 5 million dead). 11 million was 75% of the entire German Army and 46% of the German male population in 1939.

What was Germany’s population in 1939?

List of countries by population in 1939

Country/territory Population c. 1939
World 2,300,000,000
Germany (including occupied territories) show subdivisions 86,755,281
Dutch Empire (including colonies) show subdivisions 78,366,300
Italian Empire (including colonies) show subdivisions 57,596,517
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