What was Germany’s main justification for unrestricted submarine warfare?

Why did Germany do unrestricted submarine warfare?

They hoped to break the British stranglehold blockade of crucial German supply ports and knock Britain out of the war within the year. U-boats resumed unrestricted attacks against all ships in the Atlantic, including civilian passenger carriers.

What was Germany’s main justification for unrestricted submarine warfare in ww1 quizlet?

As the situation became more desperate, Germany had to stop the flow of goods from the US to Britain and France. The Germans couldn’t use their navy because it was trapped in the North Sea, so they had to rely on submarines.

Was Germany justified in unrestricted submarine warfare?

The German government felt justified in enacting a new strategy for their U-boats: unrestricted submarine warfare. … No ship – neutral or naval – that chose to enter war zone waters would be safe from an attack and being sunk without warning. This policy would lead to one of the first US impacts of the Great War.

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Why was unrestricted submarine warfare important?

This new unrestricted submarine warfare campaign was partially responsible for bringing the United States into the war on the Allied side in April 1917. The Germans had gambled that unrestricted submarine warfare would win the war by strangling Britain before the full might of the United States would turn the tide.

Why did Germany follow a policy of unrestricted submarine warfare quizlet?

Germany responds to a demand by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson by agreeing to limit its submarine warfare. -Germany believed the US could not hurt them more because they were already providing materials for GB.

Why did Germany resort to attacking ships with U boats?

Terms in this set (4) Why did Germany’s use of U-Boats lead to conflict with the United States? … by resuming unrestricted submarine warfare, Germany hoped to defeat Britain and win the war in before France American entry into the war could make a difference.

What is unrestricted submarine warfare ww1 quizlet?

Unrestricted Submarine Warfare. the use of submarines to sink without warning any ship (including neutral ships and unarmed passenger liners) found in an enemy’s waters.

What did unrestricted submarine warfare refer to?

Unrestricted submarine warfare is a type of naval warfare in which submarines sink vessels such as freighters and tankers without warning, as opposed to attacks per prize rules (also known as “cruiser rules”).

Why did Germany launch submarine warfare against ships sailing to and from the British Isles quizlet?

In January 1917, Germany launched unrestricted submarine warfare in order to buy time to win the war by cutting Britain off from trade with the US. All warships and merchant vessels—belligerent or netural—would be attacked if sighted in the declared war zone. Caused Wilson to break diplomatic relations with Berlin.

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What foreign policy principle was violated by Germany with its use of unrestricted submarine warfare?

Germany justified the action of unrestricted submarine warfare by claiming that Britain had violated its own freedom of the seas with the blockade. The German government also argued, correctly, that the British used neutral and civilian ships to transport munitions.

Which statement best describes Germany’s submarine campaign during World War I?

Which statement best describes Germany’s submarine campaign during World War I? German submarines made unrestricted attacks on ships. Throughout World War I, for which activity were airplanes most often used?