What percentage of Germany is elderly?

How many elderly people are in Germany?

At the end of 2014, there were approximately 81.2 million people living in Germany, of whom 22.2 million were aged 60 and over.

What percentage of Germany’s population is over 60?

Population of Germany as of December 31, 2019, by age group (in millions)

Characteristic Population in millions
25-39 years 15.86
40-59 years 23.6
60-64 years 5.65
65 years and older 18.09

How many people in Germany are over 70 years old?

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Median age of population 45.74 years
Population aged 60+ years 23,991.3 thousand persons
Population aged 65+ years 18,170.6 thousand persons
Population aged 70+ years 13,347.16 thousand persons
Population aged 75+ years 9,513.33 thousand persons

Why does Germany have a large elderly population?

In Germany, low fertility and increasing life expectancy have resulted in a rapidly ageing population. … The German system redistributes resources not only among individuals of different income levels, socio-economic status, and age, but across regions.

What percentage of German population is over 65?

In 2020, the share of the German population aged 65 years and older amounted to 22 percent. This was a slight increase on the year before, and in general the share has been growing year after year, which is part of a wider trend of the total population in Germany ageing.

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How does Germany treat the elderly?

In Germany, the majority of the population, including the elderly is funded by a public health care insurance system. Only employees who have an income above a cutoff point and certain other groups have the option of purchasing private insurance. (The option of not having any insurance coverage was dropped in 2009.)

What is the age structure in Germany?

Germany: Age structure from 2010 to 2020

Characteristic 0-14 years 15-64 years
2019 13.8% 64.64%
2018 13.62% 64.92%
2017 13.45% 65.18%
2016 13.32% 65.4%

What is the average age in Germany?

The median age in Germany is 45.7 years.