What percentage of English words are Germanic?

How many English words are derived from German?

76 Intriguing English Words Derived from German.

What percent of English words are Germanic?

About 26% of English words have Germanic origins and the other percentages are as followed: Latin, 29% French, 29% Greek, 6%

How much of everyday English is Germanic?

In 2016, English vocabulary is 26% Germanic, 29% French, 29% Latin, 6% from Greek and the remaining 10% from other languages and proper names. All together, French and Latin (both Romance languages) account for 58% of the vocabulary used in today’s English.

Does English derive from German?

English has its roots in the Germanic languages, from which German and Dutch also developed, as well as having many influences from romance languages such as French. (Romance languages are so called because they are derived from Latin which was the language spoken in ancient Rome.) … They speak Old English.

What words originated from German?

Top 20 German words used in English

  • Kindergarten. Kinder = children. Garten = garden. …
  • Iceberg = Eisberg. Eis = ice. Berg = mountain. …
  • Wunderkind. Wunder = wonder, miracle. …
  • Angst. Angst = fear.
  • Uber- = über. über = above, beyond.
  • Zeitgeist. Zeit = time. …
  • Doppelganger = Doppelgänger. Doppel- = double. …
  • Poltergeist. poltern = to rumble.
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Is English a romance or a Germanic?

Evolution takes time, and despite 58% of English vocabulary (more than half) coming from Romance languages (Latin and French), linguists still consider English to be a Germanic language to this day because of how the language followed human migration patterns and the grammar of modern English.

Which language shares the most words with English?

Conclusion. French and Latin make up the largest portion of English core vocabulary. After the 1,875 most frequently used words out of the 250,000 words in distinct English vocabulary do French and Latin dominate the English language, achieving a share of 56% at the core vocabulary level, 5,000 words.

What percentage of English words have Latin root?

Over 60 percent of all English words have Greek or Latin roots. In the vocabulary of the sciences and technology, the figure rises to over 90 percent. About 10 percent of the Latin vocabulary has found its way directly into English without an intermediary (usually French).