What is the most popular German girl name?

What is the #1 most popular girl name?

Top 5 Names in Each of the Last 100 Years

Year Rank 1 Rank 2
2020 Olivia Emma
2019 Olivia Emma
2018 Emma Olivia

What are the Germany female names?

German names: These are the most popular German names for girls and boys

  • Emilia.
  • Ella.
  • Lena.
  • Lina.
  • Julia.
  • Ida.
  • Leonie.
  • Lea.

What are some pretty German names?

Popular & Common German names

  • Lukas / Lucas.
  • Leon.
  • Luka / Luca.
  • Finn / Fynn.
  • Tobias.
  • Jonas.
  • Ben.
  • Elias.

What is the most German name?

Although Müller is the most common name in German-speaking countries, in some areas other surnames are more frequent than Müller.

What is the prettiest name for a girl 2021?

Hottest Baby Names for 2021

  • Ada.
  • Adaline.
  • Annie.
  • Ayla.
  • Beatrix.
  • Belle.
  • Caroline.
  • Cecilia.

What is a strong German female name?

Strong German Names for Girls

German Name Meaning
Gunnel Battle maiden
Hilma Resolute protector
Irmina War goddess
Isa Strong willed

What is the most common female German name?

The top German names for girls were reportedly:

  • Mia.
  • Emma.
  • Sofia/Sophia.
  • Hannah/Hanna.
  • Emilia.
  • Anna.
  • Marie.
  • Mila.

What are unique German names?

Uncommon German Last Names

  • Baumann (German origin) means “farmer”.
  • Bierhals (German origin) meaning “beer-throat”.
  • Bierwagen (German origin) means “beer-cart”.
  • Dietrich (German origin) means “people’s ruler”
  • Durchdenwald (German origin) meaning “through-the-forest”. …
  • Eierkuchen (German origin) meaning “egg cake”.
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What names are illegal in Germany?

Germany has a number of baby-naming restrictions, including: no gender-neutral names; no last names, names of objects, or names of products as first names; and no names that could negatively affect the child’s well-being or lead to humiliation. Banned names: Matti, Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler, Kohl, Stompie.

What is a badass name for a girl?

Badass Girl Names for Your Rebel Princess

Davina Beloved Scottish
Diana Heavenly and divine Latin
Dola The crown brings honor African
Dominique Lord Latin
Domino Lord Latin