What is a good substitute for German chocolate?

Can I use dark chocolate instead of German chocolate?

1 ounce dark sweet chocolate for every 1 ounce German’s sweet baking chocolate. Chocolate, Unsweetened: 3 level tablespoons unsweetened cocoa and 1 tablespoon butter, margarine or shortening for every 1-ounce unsweetened baking chocolate.

Is German chocolate the same as semi-sweet chocolate?

German sweet chocolate is sweeter than semi-sweet chocolate because it contains a higher proportion of sugar. Semi-sweet chocolate is made by adding sugar to unsweetened chocolate. … German sweet chocolate contains more sugar than semi-sweet chocolate, typically 60 percent or more.

Is German chocolate the same as milk chocolate?

Typically, German chocolate from Germany can be substituted in any recipe calling for milk chocolate, whether used solid or melted. Chill well before chopping if necessary. Baker’s German chocolate is a semi-sweet chocolate and can be used in any recipe calling for semi-sweet chocolate.

What makes German chocolate cake different?

Not only is this cake traditionally made with a sweet chocolate, it also has a distinct icing. Instead of having a traditional buttercream or meringue, the icing is representative of a custard. The base is made of egg yolks & evaporated milk and should always contain pecans & coconut.

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What kind of chocolate is German chocolate?

German’s® Sweet Chocolate is a dark baking chocolate created by the Walter Baker & Company employee, Samuel German (hence the name), who developed the chocolate in 1852. He thought this type of chocolate would be convenient for bakers as the sugar is already added to it.

What can you substitute for dark chocolate?

The obvious choice to replace chocolate is to reach out for cocoa powder. You will need about 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder and one tablespoon of butter for every 30 grams of chocolate you need in your recipe. Melt the butter and mix the cocoa powder in to create a thick paste and then add to your recipe.

What is German chocolate baking bar?

Made with a creamy blend of sugar, cocoa butter and 48% cacao, this sweet baking chocolate makes the perfect chocolate for baking with its smooth and mild flavor. Use it to whip up your favorite German chocolate cake recipe, or in your favorite rich, chocolate frosting recipe.

Can semi-sweet chocolate be substituted for German chocolate?

Use one ounce of bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate plus 1/2 tablespoon granulated white sugar for each ounce of German chocolate called for in the recipe. Mix in with the other ingredients and stir well. Baking chips for the chocolate in this substitution work well.

What is the difference between sweet and semi-sweet chocolate?

Bittersweet chocolate contains 70% cacao and has less sugar, where semisweet chocolate has 60% cacao. However, both of these chocolates can be interchangeable when used in baking, although bittersweet has a deeper flavor. … It’s important to note that unsweetened chocolate is not the same as bittersweet.

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What percent cacao is German chocolate?

German’s chocolate contains only 46% cacao, which makes for a subtly flavored cake. This ultimate recipe for German Chocolate Cake uses a moderate amount of semisweet or bittersweet chocolate—up to 70%—for deeper flavor.