What is a German word for 9?

How do you say nine in German?

Say “neun” for nine.

How do you pronounce Neun?


  1. IPA: /nɔʏ̯n/
  2. audio. (file)

What Neun means?

neun, nine, Adj. ‐ denoting a quantity consisting of one more than eight and one less than ten.

What language is FUNF?

Translate “fünf” from German to English.

How do you count in German?

It’s an easy initial step, and one that will be useful later on while learning the language.

  1. One = eins.
  2. Two = zwei.
  3. Three = drei.
  4. Four = vier.
  5. Five = fünf.
  6. Six = sechs.
  7. Seven = sieben.
  8. Eight = acht.

Can you learn German in 6 months?

In 6 months, you need go from being a complete beginner in German to reaching the advanced stage. … When you learn German, as well as any other language, you’ll need to dedicate much more time on the advanced stage than you would as a beginner and an intermediate student.

How do you say 12 in German?

In this lesson we will learn how to formulate the numbers from one to one hundred in German. You need not memorize every single one once you have the patterns down.

One to Twelve.

Number German Word Pronunciation
9 neun noin
10 zehn tsayn
11 elf elf
12 zwölf tsvolf
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