What does studentin mean in German?

What is studentin in German?

Noun. Studentin f (genitive Studentin, plural Studentinnen, male Student) student (female) (person attending lectures at a university)

What is the difference between student and studentin in German?

In English, the word “student” can refer to anyone who attends school at any level. In German, a Student or Studentin is a male or female person attending a university or another institution of higher education.

What does Schalke mean in German?

Schalke, der ~ (SchelmeSchurken) scoundrels, the ~ Noun. naughty-boys, the ~ Noun. rogues, the ~ Noun. rascals, the ~ Noun.

How do you say student in German?


  1. Studentin, die ~ Noun.
  2. Schülerin, die ~ Noun.

Is studente masculine or feminine?

Masculine nouns to memorize include: Studente ˃ student.

What gender is student in German?

The word der Student is a masculine noun describing people who study regardless of their sex or gender. A group of these people is described by the plural form die Studenten regardless of their sexual or gender composition.

What is the difference between Schuler and Student?

Both refer to “Berufsschule”. (Schüler become Studenten or Auszubildende.) Schüler becomes Student or Auszubildender after school. Note: “Hochschule” and “Highschool” are false friends.

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What is the plural of tochter?

Tochter f (genitive Tochter, plural Töchter, diminutive Töchterchen n or Töchterlein n ) daughter.

What is the plural of Tisch?

The plural of Tisch is die Tische.

What is the plural of Mann in German?

The normal plural is Männer, which can be used in all contexts and is now used exclusively in contexts other than the following. The unchanged plural Mann is sometimes used after numerals.