What does Onkle mean in German?

What is the plural of uncle in German?

Onkel m (plural Onkel) uncle.

What does fratz mean in German?

brat, imp, little devil, rascal fop scamp, little monkey.

What is uncle in other languages?

Polish: wujek. European Portuguese: tio. Romanian: unchi. Russian: дядя Spanish: tío hermano de su padre o madre.

What do you call your uncle?

Use some of his qualities or traits to include in his uncle title.

  • Uncle Speedy.
  • Uncle Sleepy.
  • Uncle Sporty.
  • Uncle Smiles.
  • Uncle Goof.
  • Uncle Jingles (if he is into music)
  • Uncle Fish (for water-loving uncles)

What is cousin in German?

The actual German word for cousin is der Vetter. … Apart from meaning cousin, Vetter or Vetterin can also be used for a distant relative. In general, though, der Cousin and die Cousine are used most of the time, though.

What is aunt called in different languages?

The English word aunt derives from the Old French ante. This shares the same root as tante, which is used in French, German, and Dutch today. Another group of related Aunties are zia (Italian), tía (Spanish), and tita (Filipino).

How do you say Grandma in different languages?

How to Say ‘Grandma’ in 20+ Different Languages

  • “Nonna” from Italian.
  • “Obaasan” from Japanese.
  • “Oma” from German.
  • “Vovo” from Portuguese.
  • “Babcia” from Polish.
  • “Abuela” from Spanish.
  • “Bubbe” from Yiddish.
  • “Yiayia” from Greek.
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