What does DIY mean in German?

What is DIY in German?

[diːaɪˈwaɪ] (Brit) abbreviation of do-it-yourself. Do-it-yourself nt, Heimwerken nt. she was doing some DIY over the weekend sie machte am Wochenende einige Heimwerkerarbeiten.

Is there a word called DIY?

DIY is an abbreviation for ‘do-it-yourself‘.

What is German slang?

More German words for slang. der Slang noun. slang. der Jargon noun. jargon, lingo, cant.

What is DIY in text?

DIY means “Do It Yourself.”

What is DIY business?

DIY is short for do-it-yourself. It means carrying out home repairs, maintenance, and improvements yourself instead of hiring a professional.

Can you use DIY as a verb?

DIY (verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is DIY a word in Scrabble?

No, diy is not in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you use the word DIY in a sentence?

1 She’s a dab hand at DIY. 2 My brother is a real DIY enthusiast. 3 He’s useless at DIY. He won’t even put up a shelf.

What are some German cuss words?

Single-Word Swears

German English equivalent Vulgarity level
Scheiße (scheisse) sh*t mild/medium
Mist crap/dang mild
Arschloch a*shole medium
Schlampe b*tch high

What does Digga mean in German?

Digga is simply word you use when addressing a friend, like “mate”, “dude” or “bro”. It’s older variation, Dicker, technically means “fat guy” but the most common use if the term has nothing to do with weight.

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