What did Germany want out of WWI?

What did Germany want from ww1?

Germany sought to break up the French-Russian alliance and was fully prepared to take the risk that this would bring about a major war. Some in the German elite welcomed the prospect of beginning an expansionist war of conquest. The response of Russia, France and later Britain were reactive and defensive.

What did Germany agree to at the end of ww1?

Germany signed an armistice agreement with the Allies on November 11, 1918.

Why did Germany pull out of ww1?

Germany failed to succeed in World War One because of three main reasons, the failure of the Schlieffen plan, nationalism, and the allies’ effective use of attrition warfare. The failure of the Schlieffen plan caused Germanys plan to fight a two front war almost impossible.

What was Germany’s goal in ww1 Reddit?

The general aim of the war is security for the German Reich in west and east for all imaginable time. For this purpose France must be so weakened as to make her revival as a great power impossible for all time.

What terms of the armistice did Germany agree to?

The Germans agreed to pull their troops out of France, Belgium and Luxembourg within 15 days, or risk becoming prisoners of the Allies. They had to turn over their arsenal, including 5,000 artillery pieces, 25,000 machine guns and 1,700 airplanes, along with 5,000 railroad locomotives, 5,000 trucks and 150,000 wagons.

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What happened to Germany after World war 1?

At the end of World War I, Germans could hardly recognize their country. Up to 3 million Germans, including 15 percent of its men, had been killed. Germany had been forced to become a republic instead of a monarchy, and its citizens were humiliated by their nation’s bitter loss.

What did the Treaty of Versailles do to Germany?

The Treaty of Versailles is one of the most controversial armistice treaties in history. The treaty’s so-called “war guilt” clause forced Germany and other Central Powers to take all the blame for World War I. This meant a loss of territories, reduction in military forces, and reparation payments to Allied powers.

Did Germany almost win ww1?

Despite the fact that Germany was a powerful country at the start of World War I in 1914 it was still unable to win the overall war. … However, Germany lacked the colonies of both France and Britain which meant that it did not have the vast natural resources or colonial populations that either of those countries had.

Why did Germany lose ww1 Reddit?

Germany was financially in shambles by the armistice and it has to do mostly with their economic policies. Germany had planned for a short war and had the economic policies of a short war, one of massive and rapid borrowing that could not be sustained.