What are the three main German speaking countries?

What are the top 3 languages spoken in Germany?

Breakdown of Languages Spoken in Germany

Rank Language Speakers (% of Population)
1 German 95
2 English 56
3 French 15
4 Russian 5

What are the 4 German speaking countries?

The six countries that have German as their official language, in alphabetical order, are: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Over 78% of the world’s total German speakers live in Germany.

What is the most German speaking country?

What are the Main German Speaking Countries?

  • Germany – with more than 80 million speakers.
  • Austria – 8 million.
  • Switzerland – 4.6 million.
  • Belgium – 75.000 people.
  • Luxembourg – 390.000people.
  • Liechtenstein – 35,000 people.

What are German speaking countries called?

German as an official language

Country Population Notes
Germany 84,900,000 De facto sole nationwide official language
Belgium 11,420,163 De jure official language in the German speaking community
Austria 8,838,171 De jure sole nationwide official language

Is German spoken in France?

Of the languages of France, French is the sole official language according to the second article of the French Constitution.

Languages of France
Foreign English (39%) Spanish (13%) German (8%) Italian (5%)
Signed French Sign Language
Keyboard layout AZERTY, BÉPO
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What was the largest German speaking state?

German speakers in the United States by states in 2000

State German speakers
California 141,671
New York 92,709
Florida 89,656
Texas 82,117

Are Germany and Poland friends?

In 1990, Germany reunified and it confirmed the Polish-German border on the Oder-Neisse line in a treaty. Both states are now NATO and European Union allies and partners, having an open border and being members of the European Single Market.

Which country has the largest concentration of German speakers outside of Europe?

This makes Argentina one of the countries with the largest number of German speakers and is second only in Latin America to Brazil.