What are some characteristics of German?

What are some German features?

If You check out actors of German origins you might find out:

  • Rectangular Face.
  • Broad Forehead.
  • Straight nose.
  • Pointed chin.
  • Small cheeks.
  • Wide Jaw.
  • Down-turned eyes.

How would you describe a German?

As in many other cultures, Germans can be energetic, humorous, motivated, artistic, friendly and cheerful and there are some basic German words used to describe a German person.

What are German physical characteristics?

Germany’s central and southern regions have forested hills and mountains cut through by the Danube, Main, and Rhine river valleys. In the north, the landscape flattens out to a wide plain that stretches to the North Sea. Between these extremes, Germany is a country of incredible variety.

What are German personalities known for?

Famous Germans

  • Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. …
  • Albrecht Dürer. …
  • Arthur Schopenhauer. …
  • Johann Sebastian Bach. …
  • Clara Schumann, German Composer and Pianist. …
  • Johannes Brahms. …
  • Bertolt Brecht. …
  • Ludwig van Beethoven.

How do you describe a German person?

German people tend to be thrifty, be sensible, and respect one another’s privacy, and they typically respect the structure and laws of society to an above-average degree. There is no place that this sense of ‘order’ is more apparent than in German business culture.

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How do you describe someone in German?

I. German Words to Describe Personality

abenteuerlustig adventurous
introvertiert introverted
klug smart
kreativ creative
künstlerisch artistic

How would you describe yourself in German?

15 Easy Sentences to Talk About Yourself in German

  • Mein Name ist… (My name is…) …
  • Mir geht’s gut. (I’m fine) …
  • Ich komme aus… (I come from…) …
  • Ich wohne in… (I live in…) …
  • Ich bin ledig. (I am single.) …
  • Meine Handynummer ist… (My cell phone number is…) …
  • Ich studiere… (I am studying…) …
  • Ich bin ~ von Beruf. (I work as a ~.)

What is the most common hair color in Germany?

4.2. Hair color prevalence

Country Brown ‘Blond’
average 50.15 41.36
Estonia 43.00 56.00
France 84.00 12.00
Germany 31.40 (31.34-31.41) 68.40 (68.36-68.43)

What is a German personality like?

Germans are stoic people who strive for perfectionism and precision in all aspects of their lives. They do not admit faults, even jokingly, and rarely hand out compliments. At first their attitude may seem unfriendly, but there is a keen sense of community and social conscience and a desire to belong.