Was the bombing of Hamburg justified?

Was the bombing of Hamburg necessary?

Hamburg is an important port in Germany. It was therefore a major target of the RAF during the Second World War. With the development of metallises strips it became much safer for the RAF to launch air attacks on Hamburg. …

Was the bombing of German cities justified?

A 1953 United States Air Force report defended the operation as the justified bombing of a strategic target, which they noted was a major rail transport and communication centre, housing 110 factories and 50,000 workers in support of the German war effort. … Some have claimed that the raid constituted a war crime.

What was the reasoning for the bombing of Hamburg?

Perhaps the main reason to use area bombing against Hamburg was that precision bombing was so inaccurate. A report in 1941 showed that most bombs did not fall within five miles of their target. Also, daylight raids on well defended targets led to huge losses of aircraft and aircrew.

Was the bombing of Hamburg a war crime?

In July 1943, long before Dresden, the Allies unleashed Operation Gomorrah, a protracted assault on Hamburg which literally melted the streets and incinerated people in searing, hurricane-strength winds. … Dr Gregory Stanton, a scholar specialising in genocide, has classified the Dresden bombing as a war crime.

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Why did they bomb cities in ww2?

The purpose of strategic bombing was not only to undermine industrial production but also to demoralize the population. Thus, civilian populations became the targets of many bombing missions.

Why was the bombing of Dresden not justified?

The bombing of Dresden was a historic benchmark that demonstrated the power of strategic bombing. Critics say that the military value of the bombing did not justify Dresden’s near destruction and that the city could have been spared, like Rome, Paris, and Kyōto.

Why Dresden was justified?

But it was a tool of war, necessary nonetheless. Ultimately, the Dresden raids were justified by three factors: the city’s military utility, the ground combat situation, and the urgent need to bring a terrible war to as speedy a conclusion as possible.

Why did Winston Churchill bomb Dresden?

Air chiefs decided an attack on Dresden could help their Soviet allies – by stopping Nazi troop movements but also by disrupting the German evacuations from the east. RAF bomber raids on German cities had increased in size and power after more than five years of war.

What happened in the Battle of Hamburg?

Battle of Hamburg (air) (24 July – 30 July 1943), an Allied strategic bombing campaign (codenamed “Operation Gomorrah”) in which over 40,000 German civilians were killed. … Capture of Hamburg (18 April – 3 May 1945), one of the last European battles of the Second World War.

What was the purpose of the 1000 plane raids of the Allies on Germany?

The term was a propaganda device, whereby Arthur Harris reached the number of bombers by including not only bombers that were currently operational as part of RAF Bomber Command, but also aircrews from Operational Training Units to accumulate a force of 1,000 bombers as a demonstration of the RAF’s power.

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