Quick Answer: Which German dialect should I learn?

Which German dialect is easiest to learn?

Dutch is an easy German dialect to learn.

What dialect of German is taught in schools?

High German (Hochdeutsch, standard German)

High German comes from Southern Germany, where the highlands and the Alps are. Hochdeutsch is the most common dialect, taught in schools, used on the TV or news. Those learning German online are taught this dialect, and it is used in many countries.

What dialect of German Does duolingo teach?

We teach ‘Hochdeutsch’ or ‘High German,’ the most widely spoken version of German.”

Which German dialect should I learn?

You preferably learn standard German but get used to the Bavarian dialect as well (which will happen either way if you’re living there for two years). Don’t try to learn Bavarian, try to understand it. Your aim should be to speak normal standard German, every Bavarian will understand you, they are bilingual.

What are the top 3 languages spoken in Germany?

Breakdown of Languages Spoken in Germany

Rank Language Speakers (% of Population)
1 German 95
2 English 56
3 French 15
4 Russian 5

Do Germans speak High or Low German?

It has been estimated that Low German has approximately 2.2–5 million speakers in Germany, primarily Northern Germany, and 2.15 million in the Netherlands.

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Low German
Native speakers Estimated 4.35-7.15 million Up to 10 million second-language speakers (2001)