Quick Answer: When was Aachen the capital of Germany?

Was Berlin the capital of Prussia?

Since Berlin was the capital of Prussia, the leading state of the new Reich, it became the capital of Germany as well. Berlin had been the capital of Prussia and its predecessor, Brandenburg, since 1518. Berlin remained the capital of the German Reich until 1945.

Does Germany have 2 capitals?

A Vote to Decide the Capital

With that merger, a decision had to be made about what would be the new capital. The capital of pre-World War II Germany had been Berlin, and the capital of East Germany had been East Berlin. West Germany moved the capital city to Bonn following the split into two countries.

When did Berlin become the capital of Germany?

Four times in the 20th century, the date of November 9 has marked dramatic events in the history of Germany and Berlin. On that date in 1918, Berlin became the capital of the first German republic.

When was Munich the capital of Germany?

In the 1920s, Munich became home to several political factions, among them the NSDAP. After the Nazis’ rise to power, Munich was declared their “Capital of the Movement”.


Munich München (German) Minga (Bavarian)
First mentioned 1158
Subdivisions show 25 boroughs
• Lord mayor (2020–26) Dieter Reiter (SPD)
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