Question: Is Apple masculine or feminine in German?

Is Apple masculine or feminine?

Fruit, trees, and gender

Feminine fruit Masculine tree
banana banano
manzana ‘apple’ manzano
cereza ‘cherry’ cerezo
pera ‘pear’ peral

Which kind of gender is Apple?

Every noun is assigned a gender. Apple happens to be masculine.

Is German feminine or masculine?

All German nouns have a gender and they fall into one of four categories: feminine. neuter.

Is the word for apple in French masculine or feminine?

The word fruit in French is a masculine noun, and uses masculine articles with it. For example, the sentence ‘An apple is a fruit’ is Une pomme est un…

Is Apple masculine or feminine in German?

The noun “apple” (as in the fruit) is Apfel in German, and that word has masculine gender, so it’s der Apfel in the nominative case and den Apfel in the accusative case.

Is fruit a gender?

While there are such things as male and female plants, and even male and female parts of the same flower, there is no such thing as gender (or sex) in fruit. That would imply that fruit sexually reproduce with each other. … They are just a fleshy package that contains the end product of sexual reproduction, the seeds.

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