Question: Can I bring my mother in Germany from India?

Can I bring my parents from India to Germany permanently?

German citizens or citizens from non-EU countries who have a Aufenthaltserlaubnis (residence permit) or a Niederlassungserlaubnis (settlement permit) are allowed to bring their relatives to Germany. This is known as ‘reunification of families’. … He or she does not require a visa or a residence permit.

Can I bring my mother to Germany permanently?

Can I Bring my Parents to Germany Permanently? There is no German visa requirement for EU citizens who wish to bring their parents to Germany. Under EU Freedom of Movement, they have the right to live and work in Germany. … Our German visa lawyers advise on all German residence permits and visas.

Can I bring my mother to Germany on Blue Card?

Holders of EU Blue Cards can apply for family reunification to bring their close family members to join them in the EU state where they are working.

How can I invite my parents to Germany?


  1. Following info about the family member, you want to invite to get.
  2. Filled form. …
  3. Your own passport.
  4. Residence permit.
  5. German House Rent agreement: Your flat area should be sufficient to accommodate guests. …
  6. Last 6 months Salary slips to prove that you can sponsor their visit. …
  7. Bank statements of last 6 months.
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Can my parents visit me in Germany during Covid?

Additionally, persons entering Germany following a stay in a high-risk area (but not an area of variant of concern) are exempt from this requirement for stays of less than 72 hours to visit close relatives (parents, children), spouses and partners who do not belong to the same household, or for the purpose of shared …

Which country allows parents as dependents?

Australia is a the latest country to have established a parent visa. The country has, indeed, only last year passed the necessary amendments to the Migration Bill to be able to create a parent visa category. The aim being to allow families to reunite and bring more visitors to the country.

Can I bring my non EU parents to EU?

Non-EU citizens may have the right to residence in the EU if their children are EU citizens, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled.

How long does it take to get a German family reunion visa?

The processing can take up to 12 weeks. As soon as the application has been approved by the German authority, the Embassy/Consulate will issue a national visa for the first 90 days of the intended stay.

Can family reunification work in Germany?

Family members coming to Germany for the purpose of family reunification are allowed to work in Germany.

Can Blue Card holder sponsor siblings?

Spouse and siblings (under 18) may join the blue card holder. They do not have to meet the requirements for the blue card. Visa for spouse and children may be issued upon issuance of a national visa to the (prospective) blue card holder, so they can travel together.

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Can I bring my parents to UK permanently?

As an adult, the only way to bring your parents over to the UK is if they require daily care, and you plan to provide it. If you meet this requirement, your parents can fill out a visa application, which may allow them to reside permanently in the UK with you!

Can a spouse of German Blue Card holder work?

Family members of a Blue Card holder are allowed an unrestricted right to work in Germany. Spouses do not have to speak German to join the Blue Card holder in the country.