Is Stuttgart safe to live?

Is Stuttgart a good city to live in?

This city is considered as one of the safest and cleanest in the country offering a good quality of life to its residents. The city has 23 inner and outer neighbourhoods and is also home to two of the best automobile manufacturing brands in the world- Mercedes Benz and Porsche.

Is Stuttgart poor?

Passion for fruit trees and a sheer lack of available land are making a housing shortage worse in the booming Swabian heartland. In terms of quality of living, Stuttgart residents love to tout the city’s advantages over Munich, its comely Bavarian rival. …

Is Stuttgart good for expats?

Compared to the other major cities in Germany, Stuttgart is a relatively small city, housing around 600,000 people scattered amongst a series of valleys, hills and vineyards. Unlike many industrial cities, Stuttgart is considered to be safe and clean with a good quality of life.

Is Stuttgart Germany expensive to live?

Cost of living: Stuttgart

The cost of living in Stuttgart is, surprisingly, not all that much higher than an affordable city like the countrý capital. Compared to the rest of Europe, the balance between prices in Stuttgart and the average salary in the area is quite good.

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Is Stuttgart a safe city?

Stuttgart is by and large a very safe city, but the usual common-sense precautions about taking taxis late at night and keeping valuables stored away apply.

What is it like living in Stuttgart?

Extremely dense but with a delightful flair, Stuttgart-West is an attractive place to live, very close to the city centre. Sprinkled with markets, shops, cafes, theatres and small parks, almost anything you need is within walking distance. … Stuttgart-Ost and Stuttgart-Süd are also quite charming and centrally located.

Is Stuttgart affordable?

What’s the cost of living in Stuttgart? In comparison to other cities in Germany, living in Stuttgart is quite affordable. … It has been estimated that the monthly costs for a single person in Stuttgart reach the amount of 764.54€, excluding rent.

Is Stuttgart beautiful?

Stuttgart is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Locals who want to escape city life can choose from several locations. The Schönbuch Nature Park in the south-west of the city is perfect for hiking and nature-watching, offering dense forests, beautiful streams, ancient trees and game enclosures.

Where should I live in Stuttgart?

Best Neighbourhoods in Stuttgart

  • Stuttgart-Mitte.
  • Stuttgart-Nord.
  • Stuttgart-Ost.
  • Stuttgart-Süd.
  • Stuttgart-West.
  • Bad Cannstatt.
  • Degerloch.
  • Möhringen.

Is Stuttgart good for families?

Located in southwestern Germany, Stuttgart is also a favourite place to visit for tourists. This fabulous area has so many family-friendly attractions, you are sure to find something to keep the kids entertained. Here is our compilation of the best things to do in Stuttgart Germany with kids.