Is online shopping popular in Germany?

Statistics since 1817

How is online shopping in Germany?

Online shopping is omnipresent and part of our everyday life in Germany. 94 percent of all Internet users shop online which equals about 55 million German citizens. 66 percent of retailers sell their products both stationary and online – 25 percent exclusively stationary and 6 percent exclusively online.

What Germans like to buy online?

Clothing and accessories, shoes, books, electronics, as well as medicines and drugstore articles remain the most popular items for German online shoppers [3] .

How many people buy online in Germany?

With 82 million inhabitants, Germany is one of the most attrac- tive e-commerce markets worldwide. 82% of Internet users, i.e. around 67 million people, are also online shoppers.

Is online shopping popular in Germany?

PRODUCT CATEGORIES – Online fashion is the most popular product category in Germany, followed by consumer media and electronics. Especially in the categories ‘consumer electronics & computers’ and ‘media’ (books, music, movies, video games) German consumers are keener on shopping online instead of shopping offline.

Can I buy something online in Germany?

Online Shopping in Germany. … Luckily online shopping is becoming more and more common in Germany as well. In order to go shopping online you will need to have either a German bank account (for Lastschrift, which is still the most popular payment option in Germany), a German credit card or a PayPal account.

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What sells best in Germany?

Clothing and apparel ranked first among products bought online in Germany in 2020, generating 16.3 billion euros in revenue. Consumer electronics and digital products were the next most popular choice for online shoppers. The top leading categories es included computers, computer equipment, games, and software.

What is the biggest online shop in Germany?

But in 2019, this was the list of ten biggest online stores in Germany, based on data from EHI Retail Institute:

  • Amazon. €10,490,800,000.
  • Otto. €3,359,600,000.
  • Zalando. €1,621,800,000.
  • MediaMarkt. €1,173,100,000.
  • Notebooksbilliger. €868,000,000.
  • Lidl. €849,800,000.
  • Saturn. €641,000,000.
  • Bonprix. €628,400,000.

What is the most popular ecommerce platform in Germany?

Top 10 Ecommerce Sites in Germany

  • eBay Kleinanzeigen. …
  • Otto. …
  • Idealo. …
  • MediaMarkt. …
  • Lidl. Estimated number of monthly visitors: 26.84 million. …
  • Zalando. Estimated number of monthly visitors: 23.96 million. …
  • Thomann. Estimated number of monthly visitors: 22.59 million. …
  • Saturn. Estimated number of monthly visitors: 20.59 million.