Is it legal to ask for current salary Germany?

Is it illegal for an employer to ask your current salary?

A salary history ban prohibits employers from asking applicants about their current or past salaries, benefits, or other compensation. … However, if you voluntarily tell a prospective employer about your current or past salary, it is typically free to use that information in setting your pay.

Can a company ask your current salary?

Employers can only ask applicants about their pay history after a job offer has been made. Additionally, it is prohibited to set an applicants’ pay based on their current or past compensation. This law does not apply to current employees who want to transfer to another position.

Is it legal to ask for salary history in Europe?

Effective January 1, 2019, except when certain limited exceptions apply, all employers cannot: Inquire about a prospective employee’s wage and salary history.

Can you talk about salary in Germany?

When I first came to Germany, I had no idea how much salary I should expect. Salary in Germany is normally not a common topic that you can openly discuss with your friends and compare. … During your job hunting in Germany, you may need to provide your expected salary in the job application.

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Do you have to disclose current salary to new employer?

You are under no obligation to tell a prospective employer your current salary. … Say that you’d rather not disclose your current salary, as you would like to have a fair negotiation based on your skills and what you have to offer the company.

What do you say when a potential employer asks your current salary?

The application form may contain a field for “Current Salary.” You have several options:

  1. Leave the field blank.
  2. Put a zero or type “No” in the field.
  3. Type in “N/A” (for not appropriate or not applicable).
  4. Type a sequence of numbers like 123456 or 11111.
  5. Put your target or real salary number in the field.

Why do employers ask your current salary?

“The only reason that employers ask this is so that they can low-ball you when they make you an offer,” says one career coach. … It’s for these kinds of reasons that some cities in America, including Pittsburgh and New Orleans, have banned employers asking the question about previous salary in interviews.

Can you lie about current salary?

Just because it’s a ‘done thing’ though, doesn’t mean it’s right. Lying about your salary in order to achieve more money from a new employer can backfire.

What can a potential employer ask your current employer?

Fear of lawsuits often prevent employers from giving out too much information, but some questions have a better chance of eliciting an answer.

  • What Dates Did the Employee Work There? …
  • What is The Documented Departure Reason? …
  • Would You Rehire? …
  • Does the Employee Pose a Threat? …
  • Other Questions.
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What is the salary history ban?

A salary history ban is, most often, a policy that limits or forbids employers from asking about and relying on a job applicant’s prior salary in hiring and compensation decisions. … Some state and local salary history laws differ in their approaches to situations where candidates voluntarily disclose their prior salary.

What is pay transparency?

Pay transparency is the approach employers take on communicating about compensation. The negotiation process can take on the feel of a poker game rather than an informed discussion on the value of a given role.