Is it compulsory to pay radio tax in Germany?

How can I avoid radio tax in Germany?

You can apply for a discount or exemption in the following situations:

  1. If you are in receipt of certain unemployment benefits, disability benefits, or a basic subsistence pension.
  2. If your vision or hearing is impaired.
  3. If you have two or more dwellings in Germany (you only pay the licence fee for one).

What happens if I dont pay Rundfunkbeitrag?

If you continue to refuse to pay, or do not allow the bailiff access to your apartment, then they may freeze your bank account and take what is owed plus any administration fees they have incurred for collecting the money.

What is radio license fee in Germany?

The licence fee is a legally prescribed contribution for citizens, companies and institutions as well as for public interest bodies. For private households, the current fee is 18.36 euros per month. The contribution serves to finance public broadcasting service based on a contributory model.

Do students pay radio tax in Germany?

As a tenant in student halls, do I have to pay the German broadcast fee “Rundfunkbeitrag” (formerly known as “GEZ”)? The television and radio license fee has been in effect since 1 January 2013. … This fee covers all types of use, including listening to the radio in your car. The fee is paid once every three months.

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Is it compulsory to pay radio bill in Germany?

Every German household has to make its contribution to broadcast – and it doesn’t matter whether you’re actually skimming the online news at breakfast or zapping through your favourite ZDF and ARD series. Therefore, every citizen aged 18 and over has to pay a radio contribution: one flat – one fee.

Is it compulsory to pay radio tax in Germany?

Is It Mandatory To Pay ARD ZDF? Yes, it is. Every household in Germany must pay the Rundfunkbeitrag since 2013 unless you fall under one of the below categories that allows an exception.

How do I cancel Rundfunkbeitrag?

In short: Cancel your contribution online

In order to deregister from the German broadcasting service, you need a confirmation of the deregistration of your residence – in digital form (e.g. scan or photo). Click on the button and select the item “… I am moving abroad permanently” and follow the further steps.

Is TV Licence compulsory in Germany?

Since 2013, every household in Germany has been obliged to pay the licence fee, regardless of whether they listen to the radio or watch TV or not. … In order to do this, they required the approval of all 16 federal states in Germany.

Do I have to pay for TV in Germany?

Every household in Germany has to pay the fee. It doesn’t matter if they use the public channels or even if they don’t own a TV, radio, smartphone or computer.

What is a broadcasting fee?

TV providers charge a broadcast TV fee for access to your local broadcast affiliates. … According to TV providers, a broadcast TV fee, or broadcast surcharge, is what you pay for access to your local broadcast affiliates like ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.

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What is Gez in Germany?

GEZ is a German public agency, which collects fees for German public broadcasting. In other words, the GEZ is a state organisation that takes money from the people. This money is used to produce public TV and radio programmes.